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The Outernet Logo

Here is a tough question: how do you distill the mission of Outernet - of changing the global information landscape forever - into a simple, memorable logo?

We are attempting to answer that question and in keeping with the open spirit of our mission, we turn to you, the user. Our current logo uses the colors of the Olympic rings in a broadcast icon, but we think we can do better. What symbol do you think best encapsulates Outernet?

To help us in that process, we have brought on a design team in Romania named Deiusoft to create a solid brand for Outernet and a new website to accompany it. We have attached some of the very early brand concepts below and we encourage submissions. If you send us something we use, we will credit you on the About Us section of our website.

Here are some core brand values of Outernet that the logo should capture:

A Quantum Leap for Humanity

What can happen when, suddenly, everyone on Earth can instantly and freely access the best information available? When every mind is able to satisfy its curiosity, what amount of problems can be solved? On the order of fire, the wheel, the printing press, electricity, the steam engine – Outernet will drastically alter the way we view the world. After Outernet, it will be impossible to imagine living in a world before we existed.

Outernet is finally freeing information
The freedom of access to information is a fundamental human right as defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For the first time, that right will be actualized on a global scale. Censorship will become obsolete and the right to information will no longer be subject to the whim of autocratic regimes.

This should be seen as empowering – almost as a weapon, but not quite. The greatest ally of tyranny is ignorance, so in that sense Outernet is empowering the common man.

Democratic Selection Process

The information that is broadcast over Outernet will be voted on by its constituents. For our primary market – those without Internet access – alternate means of feedback will be utilized such as texting, voicemail, post mail, and free data services like

In this respect, it is important that this is not a “From the ‘West’ to the ‘Rest’” model. Any information from anywhere, subject to community guidelines (e.g. restricting pornography, hate speech, etc.), will be available for broadcast selection.

Targeting the Bottom of the Pyramid

Most other high tech services target the wealthy segments of society. Outernet is the opposite – our primary market is the bottom of the global socio-economic pyramid. We believe this is a heavily under-serviced market and our product will be built with their needs at the forefront.

Some logos we like: Amnesty International, Twitter, this random design, and the principles outlined here.

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